02 Dicembre 2016

Aikido seminar 2016 - subscription and price

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Tags: Ki Aikido

Participation fees (in cash during the seminar or via bank transfer)

  • Full seminar: € 180 (students € 85)
  • Per day: € 75 (students € 35)

If you prefer to pay in cash during the seminar, you will be able to do so at Pianoro's and Modena's sports hall from 9.30 am to 10.00 am.

If you prefer to pay via bank transfer, the payment should be sent to:
A.S.I.A. Associazione Spazio Interiore e Ambiente
IBAN:  IT24N0335901600100000102326
Description: seminario Maruyama Sensei

Please send a copy of your payment receipt to

Should you require any further information, don't hesitate to contact us at:

A.S.I.A. Associazione Spazio Interiore e Ambiente
Via Riva di Reno, 124 – 40121 Bologna

This seminar is organised in collaboration with:

Aikido Yuishinkai: 


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