19 Gennaio 2013

An ordinary day on the Tibetan border

To what extent can the Chinese repression push?
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The situation in Tibet is not improved. News of this past year reported the umpteenth murder of demonstrators by the police shot and fire, while the number of monks and nuns self-immolations increased to more than ninety since March 2011 (the last, Tsering Tashi aged 22, set himself on fire on the 12th of January 2013).

We would like to suggest a video report produced by the BBC in 2008, which brilliantly provides documentary evidences of the level of repression and control in which the population is subdued in the everyday life. In the documentary, an exile Tibetan with British passport returns to his country and lives a few months undercover...

It is the umpteenth evidence of the Tibetan people difficulties and sufferings, and it clearly expresses its tension to the right. What else can push them to publicly risk so much to support their ideal of freedom?

Translated from the Italian version by Marianna Turriciano. 

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