05 Febbraio 2016

Aikido Yuishinkai seminar 2019 - Italy (Bologna and Modena)

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Every river has a name. 
However, these names disappear when they flow into the great ocean.
Aikido has many styles, many names, but Aikido is Aikido. 
It is my vision and hope that, like the rivers, they flow together and unite as one. 

Koretoshi Maruyama Sensei

Koretoshi Maruyama Sensei practiced Judo and other martial arts since he was young, but only in Morihei Ueshiba's Aikido he found his way. In 1967 he became instructor in the founder's dojo. In 1971, after Ueshiba's death, he became head instructor in Ki no Kenkyukai school, founded by Koichi Tohei.

Tohei assigned to Maruyama sensei 8th dan and chief instructor degree. Maruyama sensei taught Aikido in many countries worldwide until 1991, when he retired in a zen monastery for a period of 10 years. During this period he founded Aikido Yuishinkai (Aikido without borders). In 2001 he left the monastery to return to his teaching activity.

The basic principle of Aikido is to remain in harmony with the attacker, rather than engage in a conflict. Motion and energy of the attack are guided without need of collision or use of strength. Practicing constantly this principle leads to a deeper understanding of human beings and nature, and to a more effective conflict resolution. Movements in Aikido are circular and fluent. They are inspired by nature, that moves in circles and spirals. When Aikido is practiced with skill, it expresses harmony and elegance.

Yuishinkai Aikido 
Yuishinkai Aikido has been founded by Koretoshi Maruyama Sensei to support universal values and promote peace worldwide. Students practicing any Aikido style are welcome to our seminar. Meeting students from other dojo draws us closer to Aikido's spirit of harmony. Aikido Yuishinkai is truly "Aikido without borders".

Please visit the  Aikido Yuishinkai website. 


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